Sunglasses. Video 2021.


Collaboration with Marcia Farqhuar and Victoria Harwood Kapadia for Farquhar’s The Dog’s Bolex.

Visitor Caves, 2020

Tourist's explore the unfamiliar territory of the picturesque and mysterious caves.

Four Herrings

A moving picture inspired by words from the old Sussex dialectVideo

Wine Window – Buchette del vino – 2020

In Florence during the Plague, 400 years ago, wine was served to customers through small holes in the wall. Performance & film

Cable Car

Looping like a film projector, an old cable car travels across an eerie landscape in an unknown time.Film 2’50 "

Chalk Pit

Giant coccoliths, made from string and paper, fall from the sky in a disused chalk pit. 360 immersive video.

Love Hate

One on side, the hands of the gardener tear up and kill weeds. On the other, selected plants are nurtured and loved.


A ball of string turns to form a bowl, and unravels again. Video loop.


A journey on a river, from the coast, through a port, along a river to the end of the reach. Film.


Microscopic chalk particles recreated using crochet and cupcake cases. (Giclee print. 100x 50cm)

Breathing Bread

Dough rise and falls, as if breathing in its sleep.

Love Hate

Love and Hate expressed in the context of a seemingly benign garden centre.

Express myself

Digital emojis are transformed into real life enactments.


A moving image collage of the arenas of London 2012, where the images and the action overlap.

Gun Girls

Victoria Harwood Kapadia and Lucy Newman. Kitsch action movie of the nineties.

Material objects

Experimental moving image featuring objects in the studio.