DateTitle CreditsDetailsLink
2019Cable CarVimeo
2019Four HerringsVimeo
2019RiverRiver bank in a circle shape
2018FLAXMANstill from Flaxman filmMarcia Farqhuar, Victoria Harwood, Lucy Newman
2018Breathing breadBread tins with dough
2018Shop360 video
2018Chalk Pitchalk particles fall on chalk pit
2017Love HateImage of weeding and planting360 video
2017Studio routine
Express myself
Skype emojis in photograhic form
Still from video
2015Possible Objects
Video screen showing green and pink paper ball
Video still
Jo Addison, Lucy Newman
2015Things UnfixedJo Addison
Edited by Lucy Newman
Woman drops a water melon
Still from video
2013Universe in my garden
2012ArenasCollage of the Greenwhich equestrian arena Arenas (still from
2012Blow upBlow up of mattress on the floor
2010Prehistoric Landscape
1996Gun GirlsGun Girls title, with two gun girls on target background Victoria Harwood & Lucy Newman